Decision Support System for

Search And Rescue of the people lost in Avalanches

NIVES is an international research project
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NIVES is an online tool for the management of the Search and Rescue mission of people overwhelm by an avalanche, it helps the decision maker with advises about how to deal with the various phases of the mission, in particular about the resource collection and management

Target Data Collection

Simple online interface for entering personal data of the missing person and to report any presence of a transceiver

Avalanche's Information Collection

Collects the most relevant features of the avalanche and information on the consistency and depth of the snow in the Overwhelming Point

Search Units Planning

Suggest tradeoff solutions for allocating Search Units and routing men from their real-time location to the Overwhelming Point


Provides a web-based interface and intuitive wizards for filling Target information, configuring the mission and viewing results in 3D world map


It offers a complete report of the Mission, with prints dedicated to the various single phases and a simple interface for sharing information


Speed of Action

Focus on finding the overwhelmed quickly, accordingly to:
High Survival Probability for people rescued within 20 minutes
Physical and Medical Condition of the victim

Pool of qualified Rescuers

The Rescuers are specifically prepared for the avalanche Search and Rescue mission
Rescuers equipped with Shovel, Probe and Transceiver
Helicopter Rescue

How long do rescuers take to reach the Overwhelming Point?

Estimate the maximum time needed by the rescuers to reach the Overwhelming Point, accordingly to:
Fastest Paths Simulation
Full Grid Exploration

How many Men are required for searching the area?

The choice of the area to search will be left to the decision maker straight on the map and according to its dimension and morphology, how many resources to call will be calculated

Selection of Search Units

Search Units are gathered at the Overwhelming Point (RED Marker) to search the green area within a given time

NIVES offers tradeoff solutions by considering Cost in terms of distance between current position of each man and the base camp, and by considering operation efficiency in terms of fitting Decision makers objectives (e.g., time, number of search units, ..)

Selection of the search area near Passo Rolle

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Analysis and Planning of a new Search and Rescue Mission for Missing Person

New Mission
required