Decision Support System for

Fleet and Emergency Management

INSPECTOR is an international research project organized and promoted by


INSPECTOR is a GIS informative system for supporting decision makers and operators in the fleet and emergency management scenario. INSPECTOR is a user-friendly tool designed for all kinds of users

All In One

All in One

INSPECTOR is a modular plug and play system and comes with tools for binding to TETRA, civil smart-phones, and real-time data-sources

Ubiquitous Web Access

Ubiquitous Access

INSPECTOR is a novel web application, users log from any device using their preferred Internet browser. Anywhere



Administrators can edit users permissions at runtime, the access to each system functionality and each managed asset can be restricted

Secure and Reliable

INSPECTOR guarantees an enterprise security level, system uptime is higher than 5 nines (99.999%). Built on stable open source libraries

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Fleet assets are tracked in real-time. Vehicles, portable radios, helicopters and drones are connected by means of TETRA or civil GPS devices

Historical Stats

Historical Stats

Beside real-time operations, INSPECTOR allow authorized users to browse, search and generate statistics on historical data

Path Analysis

Track Analysis

INSPECTOR analyzes GPS data for identifying different itineraries. No need of metadata, the system exploits space-time correlation of raw data

Distributed Sensing

Hierarchical Access

Flees assets, sensing equipments, live events are classified and grouped in dynamic hierarchical views. Map icons styling reflects the selected perspective

Facts and Numbers


Tracked Devices


Positions in real-time


Active Users


Connected Sensors

Leading Features

Where are available assets?

Monitor fleet location and status, everywhere
Real-time Tracking
Historical Analysis

INSPECTOR manage thousands of vehicles, radio, sensors and events in real-time
Each asset is classified by typology and provided attributes. INSPECTOR requires very few information about assets, but structured data are supported and exploited


Vehicular radios (e.g., TETRA) and Trackers


Handheld radios (e.g., TETRA)


Helicopeters, UAV, Drones



What is the actual situation on the field?

All information in one platform
Distributed sensors
Localized Information

INSPECTOR embeds live external data-sources and environmental sensing equipments distributed on the field. Sensors and live events are aggregated in different map layers
Information (data, charts, images, streams) are easily accessible within the interactive map

Mobility Events

Closed roads, queues, road works and other traffic events are useful to the operators for routing vehicles and coordinating the fleet

Live Video feeds

Public security video-cameras and webcams are localized and the stream is integrated in the interactive map

Weather Stations

Weather conditions and forecasts are a valuable for preventing, monitoring and managing emergencies. INSPECTOR managed thousands of sensors with real-time charts embedded in the map

More Sensors

INSPECTOR supports heterogeneous sensors and data for providing the best situation awareness to decision makers. Some sensors are Moisture meters, Rain gauges, hygrometers, Barometers, Radiometers

How to manage an Event?

INSPECTOR supports the operators decisions and actions
Deploy the proper assets
Predictive analysis (What-if)


INSPECTOR is based on reliable, state-of-the-art technologies
Central servers run on any platform, including the Cloud


Communication for Civil Defense

Advanced Positioning

GPS and Trackers


Network Interoperability


Ready to use



YouTube: "Cronaca di un'esercitazione - Vigili del Fuoco di Trento"

Join the research community for testing and developing it



Locate fleet assets, sensors, and information on the map

Check out the Situation
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Monitor and Coordinate fleet activities

Monitor Assets
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Select assets to manage an emergency event

Manage Event
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