Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Firenze, Italy

"Salone dei Cinquecento" is the largest and most important room under the historical-artistic profile of "Palazzo Vecchio" in Florence. This impressive hall has a length of 54 meters, a width of 23 and a height of 18 meters. By volume it is the largest room in Italy created for the management of civil power. More information..

A wireless sensor network of 19 devices has been developed and installed at different heights - layers of the building.

High Layer: close to the ceiling (18 meters)

Medium Layer: at the base of the frescoes (5 meters)

Low Layer: close to the statues (1.8 meters)

One additional sensor is located outdoor for evaluating correlations between indoor environment and external conditions.

North View

South View

Sensing Device