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The ELEDIA Development Cloud is the official platform hosting upcoming and beta applications designed, developed and maintained by ELEDIA Research Center. The service is reserved to ELEDIA researchers and students.

The architecture is based on open source software running on Debian-based OS. It supports several programming languages and standard services including PHP, Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), R, Matlab, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GeoServer, as well as custom adapter modules for TETRA networking and social data-mining.

The ELEDIA Development Cloud is typically used (but not limited) to host innovative web applications in the field of real-time distributed monitoring, troubleshooting, interactive data analysis, location-based services, decision support systems.

Once an application is considered mature, it is moved to the ELEDIA APPs Cloud,
and it becomes available to ELEDIA Research Partners and Commercial Customers. Some applications might be licensed for public access.

The access to the development platform is restricted, but you might be interested in the technological transfer of the ELEDIA know-how, in particular the design of wireless systems and services through innovative, low-cost solutions.

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